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Double Track, Double Track Mixes 2012, Kurt Kreft, Rebecca Berg, Cover


MP3 CD: Double Track Mixes 2012

Genre: Drum&Bass, Electro-Pop-Dub-Hip Hop-Jazz-Electronica-Style

1. Shakti (Great Mix)
2. Gedanken (Store Mix)
3. Little Bench (Low Phase Mix)
4 Tour The France (Nasty Mix)
5. Sick And Sad (Oberload Mix)
6. Betweenness (Hot Mix)
7. Yesterday (String Mix)
8. Shakti (Alien Mix)
9. Yesterday (Reb Mix)
10. Little Bench (Fellow Mix)
11. One Day In Paris (Kugk Mix)
12. Sick And Sad (Double Track Mix)
13. Little Bench (Low Gently Mix)
14. One Day In Paris (Wide Mix)
15. Yesterday (Double Distortion Mix)
16. Little Bench (Voice Mix)
17. Gedanken (Strange Mix)
18. Over The Sky (Transformer Mix)
19. Tour The France (Pitch Mix)
20. Ebenbild (Electro Mix)
21. Sick And Sad (Sick Mix)
22. Shakti (Vibrato Mix)
23. One Day In Paris (Hot Mix)

TOTAL: 2h 22:13 min.

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