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Double Track, Double Track Mixes 2013, Kurt Kreft, Rebecca Berg, Cover


MP3 CD: Double Track Mixes 2013

Genre: Drum&Bass, Electro-Pop-Dub-Hip Hop-Jazz-Electronica-Style

1. Little Bench (Speziale Mix)
2. Tour The France (Overhead Exciter Mix)
3. Over The Sky (La La Mix)
4. Shakti (Mu Mu Mix)
5. Gedanken (Long Deep Mix)
6. One Day In Paris (Ensemble Floor Mix)
7 Ober The Sky (Long Hot Mix)
8. Betweenness (O.P. Mix)
9. City Of Woman (Classic Mix)
10. One Day In Paris (Lovely Long Mix)
11. Shakti (Long Street Mix)
12. Little Bench (Chan Eq Mix)
13- City Of Woman (Orient Mix)

TOTAL: 1h 34:00 min.

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