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PERFORMA, In Your Head Mixes 2012, Kurt Kreft, Cover


MP3 CD: In Your Head Mixes 2012

Genre: House, Electronica-Style

1. Mr. Blue Eye (Format Mix)
2. Be Lazy (Female Chan Mix)
3. Cafe Time (Crunch Mix)
4. Warm Up (Punchy Kick Mix)
5. After Work (Electro Mix)
6. Be Lazy (Long Refresh Mix)
7. What A Cheek (Long Floor Mix)
8. The Dust Bag (Electric Sizzle Mix)
9. Mr. Blue Eye (Orchestral Mix)
10. What A Cheek (Long Deep Mix)
11. After Work (Ensemble Mix)
12. What A Cheek (Long Floor Mix)

TOTAL: 1h 68 min.

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