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Mr. Melone, Mr. Melone, Kurt Kreft, Cover

Artist: Mr. Melone

MP3 CD: Free Kick

Genre: Electro, Electro-House, Electronica-Style

1. Fresh (K.k.mix)
2. Club Girl (K.k.mix)
3. That's It (M.k.mix)
4. Stay (Kugk Mix)
5. Ladys Night (Radio Mix)
6. Come And Play With Me (Radio Mix)
7. Step By Step (Kugk Mix)
8. Come In (K.k.mix)
9. Ladys Night (Club Mix)
10. What (K.k. Mix)
11. Come And Play With Me (Play Mix)
12. It's Still (Melon Mix)

TOTAL: 62:44 min.