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Mr. Melone, Mr. Melone, Kurt Kreft, Cover

Artist: Mr. Melone

MP3 CD: Mr. Melone

Genre: House, Techno, Electro, Electronica-Style

1. Lovesong (K.k.mix)
2. Sexy Style (K. K. Mix)
3. Come And Play With Me (Play Mix)
4. Charade (K.k. Mix)
5. Is Thru (Radio Mix)
6. No Comment (Kugk Mix)
7. What's Going On (Kugk Mix)
8. Forwards (Melone Mix)
9. Keep It Up (M.k.mix)
10. Small Travel (K.k. Mix)
11. One Way Or Another (Remix)
12. Summer Dream (Kugk Mix)
13. No Ticket (K.k.mix)
14. Acid Medium (K.k. Mix)
15. Miss You (Kugk Mix)
16. Time Is Running (Kugk Mix)
17. City Lights (M.k.mix)
18. This Place Is Perfect (Kugk Mix)
19. Baby Baby (Kugk Mix)
20. Come And Play With Me (Radio Mix)
21. What's Going On (Remix Edit)
22. Is Thru (Electro Mix)
23. Wonderful (M.k.mix)
24. Here It Comes (Kugk Mix)

TOTAL: 167:46 min.