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Musik Frankfurt, TAUREAU, Apocalypse, Cover, Kurt Kreft


MP3 CD: Apocalypse

Genre: Drum&Bass, Electro, Electronica Style

1. Farewell (Kugk Mix)
2. Indecision (Kugk Mix)
3. Count Down (Burning For You Mix)
4. Prayers (Spezial Mix)
5. Hopelessness (Kugk Mix 2015)
6. Playing With Fire (Store Mix)
7. No Fold
8. Internally (Kugk Mix 2015)
9. Alles Leid Der Welt (Kugk Mix)
10. Intrigue (K.k. Mix)
11. All Over The World (K.k. Mix)
12. Death And Terror (K.k. Mix)
13. Sorry (Kugk Mix)

TOTAL: 88:05 min.

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