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TAUREAU, Behind The Blade, Kurt Kreft, Cover


MP3 CD: Behind The Blade

Genre: Electro, Electronica, Jazz, Electro-Pop, Drum&Bass, Lounge-Style

1. Security (00:06:05)
2. Kiss Yourself (Taureau Mix)
3. Chicago (Kugk Mix)
4. Music (Kugk Long Mix)
5. Come Two (Kugk Mix)
6. Seductively (Soft Mix)
7. Wonderland
8. Good Time
9. Are You Lonely (K.k. Mix)
10. No Peace In This World (Kugk Mix)
11. Electro Boogie
12. Strange Safari (Taureau Mix)
13. West Side
14. Never Stop (Spezial Mix)

TOTAL: 96:39 min.

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