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TAUREAU, Freedom, Kurt Kreft, Cover


MP3 CD: Freedom

Genre: Drum&Bass, Dub, Electro, Jazz, Electronica-Style

1. Music Is Peace (K.k. Mix)
2. No Wars (K.k. Mix)
3. Freedom (Kugk Mix) (00:08:05)
4. If You Wait (Kugk Mix)
5. Peace For All (K.k. Mix)
6. Stupid People (K.k. Mix)
7. Fukushima (Kugk Mix)
8. Valley Of Peace (Long Peace Mix)
9. Nothing (Kugk Mix)
10. Are You Lonely (Kugk Mix)
11. Dream Machine (Kugk Mix)
12 History (Kugk Mix)
13. Justice (K.k.mix)
14. Unified (Dub Mix)
15. Suffer (Peace Mix)
16. Smoker World (K.k.mix)
17. Peace For All (Kugk Mix)
18. Children Of Heaven (Street Mix)
19. Be Alive (Kugk Mix)
20. Unusual Skils (Peace Mix)
21. No Peace In This World (K.k. Mix)
22. Be Lost (K.k. Mix)
23. Internal Conflict
24. Turn Your Back
25. Future (Hot Mix)
26. They Will Not Get Away (Kugk Mix)

TOTAL: 194:11 min.

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