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Musik Frankfurt, TAUREAU, Looking Into The Abyss, Cover, Kurt Kreft


MP3 CD: Looking Into The Abyss

Genre: Electro, Electronica Style

1. Extremely Surprising (Kugk Mix)
2. Deep Insights (Kugk Mix)
3. Wish Come And Go (K.k. Mix)
4. Looking Into The Abyss (K.k. Mix)
5. Rude Awakening (Kugk Mix)
6. Semble Être Ma Intérieure (K. K. Mix)
7. Inner Abysses (K. K. Mix)
8. Seven (Kugk Mix)
9. Greetings From My Inner (Kugk Mix)
10. Look Here (K. K. Mix)
11. Existent-Ils Vraiment (K. K. Mix)

TOTAL: 72:24 min.

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